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Belt Flannel

14,95 € TTC
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  • Etat : Neuf
  • Livraison sous 5 à 10 jours
Belt Flannel
This is truly and flannel belt.
 Price calculation of a flannel belt?
 The price of the flannel belt is 14,95 € per meter. 
If you want a flannel belt 3 meter, you must 
go on "Add to Cart" and click on + to reach the figure 3.
 To order a flannel belt 4 or 5 meters, do the 
same procedure.
* For an order of 2 flannel belts 3 meters each, do 
as the above example and "Add to cart" to go up to 6.
You will simply register when you order via the 
internet, on the "Contact 3" under "What are 
the reasons you decided to order on our site? 
"I want to order two belts Flannel 3 meters each.
** Payment (PayPal account or credit card, Visa, MasterCard) 
Follow the instructions required to make payment by credit 
card and the payment is done automatically. 
The goods will be sent directly to your address.

When you place your order ,

to receive the goods at your home , you must

inform the " Delivery Area * Choose a shipping

area ▼"




«Zone de livraison * Choisissez une zone de

livraison  ▼»



For Ireland = " European Union and Switzerland

EXCEPT France "



«Union Européenne et Suisse SAUF FRANCE»


The authentic and warm flannel belt made in France is 
appreciated by those suffering from back pain.
As before, do not hesitate to bring a real flannel belt.
It is a true and authentic trademark flannel belt.
With a width of 33 centimeters, the length of the flannel 
belt is usually 3 meters to completely surround the body 
to the kidneys.

However, some people prefer a length of 4 or 5 meters.

Attention Belt Flannel does not arise on the body but as 
can be seen in photographs of old, authentic and genuine 
Flannel Belt gets onto the rolled shirt just in the kidney.
We can, if you wish, send you mail a flannel belt in a very 
short time.
Colour: flannel belt is beige.
Composition: 56% acrylic, 29% cotton, 15% wool.
How to wash flannel belt? : It was washed with 30 °.